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Under The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Title 5 of the United States Code, section 552, any person has the right to request access to public records: criminal records, arrests & warrants, inmate records, vital records & more.

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Accessing Tennessee Criminal Records

Like all other U.S. states, Tennessee criminal records are accessible for public usage. You can view, download and print the criminal records according to your requirements. However certain case information may not be available. The TN criminal records are preserved and maintained by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and you can obtain all records from their database. There are a number of different databases and you can conduct a search based on your requirements and particular search criterion.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Record Searches

Running a background check in Tennessee is not a difficult task. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation maintains all records with regard to the criminal records and you can run a background check using these databases. There are two methods of conducting a background check in Tennessee. These are as follows:

* Tennessee Online Records Information System: This conducts a name-based background check in the state of Tennessee. To utilize the benefits of this system you need to download an application form at This form needs to be completed and then submitted. For submission you need to mail or fax the completed form along with the fees. Every application needs to be accompanied by a fee of $29.00. The mode of payment may be a cashier’s check or money order, or it may be done using a credit card. The results are mailed to you within a few days.

* Tennessee Applicant Processing Services: This service functions under the joint supervision of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Cogent Systems. An applicant may be fingerprinted at or he or she may contact the nearby Cogent call center for assistance. You can also call the following numbers for further information: 615-744-4084, 615-744-4004, or 615-744-4274.

Tennessee Electronic Sex Offender Registry

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is responsible for keeping the electronic sex offender registry in proper order. There are two categories of sex offenders in Tennessee: sex offenders who need to register for a particular period of time and violent sex offenders who need to register for life. The Bureau is also responsible for maintaining and updating all information with regard to the sex offenders located in the state. This information is accumulated by the law enforcement agencies and the courts and submitted to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which keeps it in the registry.

The next question that arises is where to look for the information regarding the sex offender registry. You can search for a particular sex offender living in Tennessee at The search can be based on a particular criterion like the last name or county, or may be a combination of different search categories. The more specific your search, the better your results! If you have the TID number, i.e. the unique ID number assigned to a particular sex offender, the search becomes easier. The search also gives all aliases that the offender has used previously.

Tennessee Department of Correction

The Tennessee Department of Correction is responsible for maintaining the information of the inmates of the different correctional facilities of the state. If you want to access information with regard to the inmates, including their profiles, the charges against them, the judgment, probation or parole sentence (if any) and the release date, you need to contact the Tennessee Department of Correction. The address of the Tennessee Department of Correction is: Rachel Jackson Building, Sixth Floor, 320 Sixth Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0465.

Meth Offender Registry Database of Tennessee

According to the Meth Free Act of 2005, the Meth Offender Registry Database of Tennessee was created. This was done by the Public Chapter 18 of the General Assembly in 2005. This registry includes details of all violators of the meth-related laws; the manufacture and initiation of manufacture of methamphetamine is illegal. If anyone was involved in either of these two activities, he or she is convicted and the details are kept in the registry. The search may be conducted at;jsessionid=d0rEl-jupT4oLmUIts. You need to know the first initial and the last name of the offender for an accurate search. You can also search on the basis of the county of residence.


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