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Major Types of Phone Numbers

Our lives involve phone numbers of some sort at any point in time. We have our own phone numbers, the numbers of friends and family, and business numbers we either use or access daily. The three major types of phone numbers include cellular phone numbers, residential phone numbers and business phone numbers. Following is a discussion of some highlights of each of these types of numbers.


Cellular Phone Numbers


Regardless of the carrier you choose, your cellular phone number may be transferable. This means that if you change service providers in the future, your friends and family may still contact you at the same number. Cell numbers tend to be attractive because there is not a widely available public directory that contains them, so they can be relatively private. However, owners may choose to include their own number in elective online directories.

Cell phone numbers may also be included on Do Not Call registries. Other methods for maintaining the privacy of these numbers includes dialing *67 or using a pre-paid phone which cannot be looked up.


Residential Phone Numbers


Each specific area of the country is serviced by a major phone carrier, who administers residential numbers and publishes them in the local directory. You may choose to request an unlisted number, in which case it would not be found in this directory. The only parties who would know it are those you give it to. If you do not request them to unlist your number, however, it would be available in the local phone book.

Other places your residential number may be revealed are online groups, social networking sites or even your personal blog if you choose to publish it there. Perhaps the best way to ensure the privacy of your residential number is to avoid giving it out to third parties or retailers you do business with, as well as entering it into the Do Not Call Registry.


Business Phone Numbers


Business phone numbers are much different than their residential counterparts, because the owners often want them to be as well-known as possible. Perhaps it corresponds to a certain word that is easily remembered, or is always included with correspondence, print advertisements and commercials. These numbers are often included in the local yellow pages or other business directory for a fee. These rates can vary widely, and may or may not include online listings with a link to the business's website.

It is quite common for businesses to purchase an 800 or toll-free number in order to encourage out-of-area customers to call them at their convenience. These types of business numbers transfer the charges incurred to the owner of the phone number, not the person calling them.

Of course, it is always free of charge to search for any type of phone number online. In the age of the Internet, it is now increasingly common that someone will use their computer to find a person or business of their choosing. If you would like others to access your number and information, simply register it with the registries that are used most often in your area. If not, ensure your numbers are included on the Do Not Call Registry to avoid any unwanted calls or solicitations.

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