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Under The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Title 5 of the United States Code, section 552, any person has the right to request access to public records: criminal records, arrests & warrants, inmate records, vital records & more.

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Ways to Conduct a People Search

When you need to search for someone, there are several ways you may go about finding them. Your choice in the type of people search you conduct will largely be dependent upon the information you already have about them. Before beginning your search, you will need to gather this existing information and determine if you need to find the person’s email address, phone number, address or other personal details such as Social Security information.

Searching Online

There are several free and even paid online people search engines available for public use when searching for someone who is located in the U.S. With these engines, you never need to leave home to conduct your search, and they are a user-friendly place to begin your efforts. Simply enter the person’s name and state or city, if known, to narrow down your field of results.

Conducting a Reverse Search

Reverse searches can be conducted using email addresses, mailing addresses or phone numbers. These will return the owner of that account’s name and any other information that may be of interest. For example, if you keep receiving phone calls from a number you don’t recognize, you can conduct a quick online reverse phone number search.

Simply enter the ten-digit phone number, and the result will give you the person or business’ name and location or whether the information is unlisted. In the latter case, you’ll need to access unlisted account information with a paid search provider.

Searching for a Business

Much like a search for people, businesses  and associates can be searched across the country. You may search by business name and find out where they are located and how to reach them by phone. If you are using an online directory, you can often access their official website, too. Business directories, whether you are using one online or in the phone book, will also divide businesses by type. This way, you can find all businesses in an area that provide the service you need.

Searching for Family

Perhaps you need to search for a long-lost cousin, or you want to research your ancestors to construct a family tree. In this case, there are several resources you may use. If you can access the local court records where these family members lived at one time, you can look up birth, death, marriage and divorce records to determine your next step in the research process. If the individual is deceased, the death certificate will tell you how he or she died, and where they were buried. You can then access cemetery records to find information regarding next of kin if you desire.

Other reasons you may need to access family records is if you have the Power of Attorney to act on a relative’s behalf regarding Social Security benefits. Many times, family members must access these benefits to care for a loved one’s daily needs and expenses.

There are many types of people records available for a variety of reasons if you need to find friends, family members or even a business service in your area. Choosing online search engines and records will save you time and money, and allows you to access several different databases at once, thus reducing the time needed to conduct your search considerably.


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