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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What exactly does the database search networks provide?

Answer: These search networks provide to its members professional online self-services that let people do their own investigations using the difficult to access databases to determine what information is available about others or even themselves.

Question: Can I investigate anyone to see what I can dig up?

Answer: Absolutely. You can investigate anyone including yourself, instantly and anonymously.

Question: Is the investigation process anonymous?

Answer: Yes. All searches are completely anonymous and leave no record with all our services. The information is transferred securely from various private and public databases and data centers to a secure page for your eyes only.

Question: What types of information can I investigate about people?

Answer: Just about anything except for the very specific personal information such as banking and credit card data, including passwords and account numbers. We do not provide any credit based information. Other than that you can probably find most anything about anyone.

Question: Can I look up Social Security numbers?

Answer: No. It is a security precaution not to allow Social Security numbers available to the general public.

Question: Can I do employment checks with your data?

Answer: No. We are not a consumer reporting agency and do not create the data in any way. We cannot guarantee that there will not be inaccuracies in reports.

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