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How to Find and Dial International Phone Numbers

Every country has its own methods of communication and phone systems. Although cellular service has given us the option to make phone calls to and from nearly anywhere on Earth, rates most likely differ between cellular and land service. In order to call someone or a business in another country, you must have the correct information and instructions to do so.


How to Find an International Phone Number


International directories, often found online quite easily and at no charge, provide listings of individual and business numbers in other countries. These numbers are typically provided by name or type of business. Of course, you may need to ensure they are available in your language in order to proceed.

If you have received phone calls from numbers that you don't recognize, you may conduct an international reverse lookup to determine where it is coming from. With caller ID, you should have access to the country code that will tell you where it originated. An online reverse search will provide the specific person or business and address that called you.


Why Would You Need to Place an International Call?


International calls are most often placed only in emergency situations. They can be quite costly to make, unless you have a special rate plan. If you travel frequently for business reasons, you may want to contact your service provider and inquire about special international plans that can save you money on frequent calls from abroad.

When planning a trip, you may need to call a hotel or other business that caters to tourists in the area. Many of these businesses offer a toll-free number or email address so you can make reservations or ask questions about hours and rates without being charged regular international call rates.


How to Place an International Call


If you need to place an international call, there is some specific information you need to access first. You'll need an international call prefix, country code, city code and local number to complete placing the call.

The international call prefix, which is assigned to each country, is the number you must dial to call outside of your given country. No matter where you are within it, this prefix is the same throughout the country. The country code is a 1 to 3 digit code assigned to each country that you dial to call that given country. This code must be used to call any number located within that country. Next, the city code, or area code, is a 1 to 3 digit number that must be dialed prior to dialing the local number.

Once you have all of the above information, you are ready to make an international phone call. However, you may want to first check with your cellular or landline telephone provider and ensure you are aware of the rates and other charges that may be associated with placing an international call.

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