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Under The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Title 5 of the United States Code, section 552, any person has the right to request access to public records: criminal records, arrests & warrants, inmate records, vital records & more.

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Accessing Kansas Criminal Records

Obtaining Kansas criminal records has been made particularly easy with the judicial website of the state of Kansas extending all the help you want. Since Kansas follows an open records policy, all criminal records are available for public viewing. The official website helps to guide the general public in locating specific criminal records as well. The site also has a list of absconders, and going through them may help you to track down a wanted criminal. However, the information given out in the site is for the protection of the people of Kansas and an offender cannot be arrested on basis of a search returning his name.

Searching for Records Online


While conducting a preliminary search through may help you become aware of the dangers, it cannot be misused in any way. You need to specifically request the clerk of the concerned court if you want to obtain documents pertaining to a specific criminal case. The request also needs you to spell out your requirement precisely and should be reasonable enough to be granted. All official Kansas criminal records are normally handed over within three working days and you will definitely receive an explanation in case the service gets delayed inordinately. The Office of the Judicial Administration normally handles all queries about criminal records and you are free to contact them at the Kansas Judicial Center situated at 301 S.W. 10th Street, Topeka.

Going through a readily available court index is normally free of charge although you need to contact the executive branch agencies for copying or searching documents which contain details of a specific Kansas criminal record.  Browsing through the criminal records at KASPER or the Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository site will also help you to locate offenders who have been convicted of various felonies and misdemeanors.

The entire database can be searched by name, age, date of birth or Social Security number. It is also feasible to conduct the search based on an age range if you want to view a list of arbitrary offenders from a particular age group. However, you will not be able to view the SSN of the offender even if you have entered the unique number in the required search field.

Specific Offender Information in the Criminal Records


People who abscond community correction (CC) measures or violate parole can also be traced by selecting the drop down menu while conducting a parole or CC search. You can limit such searches effectively by looking for CC absconders within a specific geographical area only. Parole absconders can also be viewed by tracking down their last known supervision agency.

Most search results contain a thumbnail picture of the offender. While it certainly gives you an additional advantage of safeguarding yourself when you can identify the criminal, you must remember that physical attributes do change with time and traits like the hair or eye color can be disguised with very little effort.

Other Department Information Available


You can also follow the links given within the site if you need ascertain other facts from official websites. The ‘criminal justice’ links will connect you to various law enforcement sites as well as correctional sites and you will be able to get additional information by accessing the proper resources. However, you are advised to verify your facts before contemplating any action based on the search results. Discrepancies in information may well confuse you and you need to contact the original agencies directly in order to confirm the facts for yourself.

The main purpose behind making the Kansas criminal records public is to encourage the safety of its residents. However, you can safely conduct a search in order to check out the credibility of a business partner or an employee as well. Reusing the information obtained from official sites with the sole purpose of commercialization or using the information to threaten or harass other residents of Kansas is considered to be a breach of law and is a punishable offense.


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