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Under The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Title 5 of the United States Code, section 552, any person has the right to request access to public records: criminal records, arrests & warrants, inmate records, vital records & more.

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Understanding County Court Records

“County court records” is an overbroad term that can be used to describe both criminal and civil court records that have been recorded in a particular county where either the property or person is located or where the offense, as in the case of a criminal matter, occurred. A county is generally the largest territorial division for local government in a particular state and usually consists of one or more cities or towns. 

Where a county court record will be found is premised on the idea of what county has jurisdiction or can be reached by the “arms of the law.” For instance, if Property X is located in the County of Oz, the County of Timbuktu would have no jurisdiction to decide what can be done with Property X. Likewise, if Jack and Jill live in the County of Oz, the County of Timbuktu could not hear a court proceeding in their county, nor would there be any county court records found in the County of Timbuktu.

The only time that a county court record would be found in two counties is if Jack, for example, was able to obtain a judgment against Jill and she owned property in another county. Jack could have his judgment recorded among the county court records of the county in which Jill owned property so that that court or county could exercise jurisdiction over the property.

County court records are usually found in the courthouses in that county’s county seat. Most courthouses have a land records division where all county court records are found and the county court records are searchable either by hand or on the computer. Given the amount of money that would be required to put all the information into a search computer program, most county court records can not be searched via the Internet.

The county court records and the way in which they are filed are governed by state constitutions or statutes. The county court records are maintained by a clerk of court, who is an officer of the court who files pleadings, motions, and keeps the records of all court proceedings. 

County court records consist of either criminal or civil records. Criminal records encompass any type of record that addresses one’s breach of a public law, rule or regulation and which sentence would be a fine or the possibility of some type of incarceration. A civil record is any type of record that does not involve the breach of a public law, rule or regulation but may involve the state or its citizenry. It relates to the private rights and remedies sought by civil actions, which are actions brought to enforce, redress or protect those rights. In other words, the term “civil” encompasses all types of actions other than criminal. 

Civil records include many different types of records, including corporate records, divorce records, estate or probate records and land records.

County court record searches are performed in the same manner that a criminal or civil record search would be performed. The parties’ name or other identifying information is required and if the information is not governed by some sort of privacy law, the information will be available for view or further assimilation.


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