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Under The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Title 5 of the United States Code, section 552, any person has the right to request access to public records: criminal records, arrests & warrants, inmate records, vital records & more.

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How to Access Arizona Criminal Records

Arizona criminal records include a vast pool of data of the various criminal cases in the state, designed to aid people to use them for performing checks and ensuring a safer life.

Creation of Arizona Criminal Records

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is the central location for keeping all criminal records within the state. The department maintains a variety of reports and publish them for public use. Criminal records are one of the major reports that the department publishes. All the criminal justice agencies in the state of Arizona submit reports of all arrests and dispositions to the central state repository, and Arizona criminal records are organized and maintained from there.

Information in Arizona Criminal Records

Arizona criminal records contain lists of criminal cases, including felony and misdemeanor cases from all the counties in the state except Pima and Maricopa. AZ criminal records contain data dating back to 1987. These records contain an individual’s name, date of birth, SSN or identification number, record type, the charge(s) against him, his physical description and his sentence. Arizona criminal records also keep Arizona correction records. In other words, correction records refer to those of criminal convictions on persons from all over the state and the sentences they have had to serve at a state facility.

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) provides a data search to learn about any inmate--active, inactive, supervised or absconder. The ADC dataset contains information about inmates who were in custody from 1985 onward. It has detailed information for more than 112,000 inmates among whom 26,000 are presently in custody. It is reorganized every week in order to incorporate fresh information. Thus, it may take a little longer than usual in certain cases to obtain specific data.


Its database is accessible via the Internet and gives information on individuals on the death row list, and most wanted escaped inmates from Arizona, including both male escapees and female escapees. The searches have been made very user-friendly and can be conducted with the help of either a 6-digit ADC code number or by the name of the inmates. Browsing through the following link might prove to be useful for those looking for data in these contexts:

The Arizona Department of Public Safety maintains information on sex offenders in the state. Though it only contains information about sex offenders whose risk assessment scores are intermediate (level 2) or high (level 3), the list can be accessed through and can prove to be quite helpful to provide security.

Reasons to Access Arizona Criminal Records

One of the most important purposes that an Arizona criminal record can be used for is for carrying out background checks. These are mostly done by employers who check on the background of the prospective employees prior to employment. Such pre-employment checks help them screen the most deserving candidates and it also helps in minimizing workplace violence. Also, people who are employing a nanny or a new babysitter for their kids are inclined to make use of the criminal records and see if they are keeping their loved ones in safe hands. For a background check you can contact (602) 223-2279.

The Arizona public criminal court records are accessible by the general public for free and they include statewide felony cases, all traffic infraction cases and criminal convictions of people convicted since 1985.

The Pima County court records of misdemeanor dispositions and felony have been maintained since the year 1990 and the records are being updated regularly to ensure maximum assistance to the public.

The Maricopa County court records include traffic violation records in addition to countywide felony and misdemeanor records. The search results may be as precise to tell the individual’s hair color, eye color, height and weight.

If someone wants to obtain a national check or clearance, they have to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The office is located at:


Federal Bureau of Investigation
Special Correspondence Unit
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306
(304) 625-3878


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